S. Pancakes Mobile App

An image of two iPhone frames. The left one shows the home screen with a deer wearing a sweater and sunglasses, and "Join" and "Host" buttons. The right one show an in-progress game and several cards with colorful designs.

S. Pancakes is a fun card game for two to five players with interesting characters and artwork, created by a member of my local community.

I worked with him to turn the physical card game into a real-time app. In the app, I was able to recreate the multiplayer game and creative graphics of the original. It was briefly available on the Apple app store in 2020.

The game logic is implemented in Lua on the phone and Python on the server, and the two establish real-time communication using websockets.

The app uses the Solar 2D mobile app framework to render the game itself.

Background from Hero Patterns; CC BY 4.0