This is not your traditional blog. On a traditional blog, posts are published, and then languish. The few posts on this page come with a Money-Back Passion Guarantee. When I am no longer passionate about the content of these posts, they will be re-written or replaced. I’ll limit the number of posts on this page to the number that are actively relevant.
Editing remote files over SSH by pretending to use rmate
TextMate might have invented the best way of editing remote files 11 years ago.
Only Git Commits are Real
I think of Git commits as being more real than branches and other Git objects. This has been a great help when understanding how Git works.
Declarative package management with a Brewfile
I love macOS and Brew, but my workflow looks very different from most Brew users.
Docker is 4 things
Docker is not just a way of running programs on Linux without a virtual machine. Docker is 4 things.
Background from Hero Patterns; CC BY 4.0