Micromouse Robotics

I was the software team lead on Case Western's Micromouse robotics team for four years.

Micromouse is a robotics competition where teams compete to create and program a small (mouse-sized) robot to solve a maze. The robot functions completely autonomously (without any remote-control) and has to navigate to the center of the maze with no prior information.

As software lead, I implemented a tweaked version of the A* search algorithm to navigate the maze, and closed loop sensor control in order to avoid crashing into walls.

A picture of a small robot with two wheels and exposed wires

We used the Teensy 3.1 as an embedded microcontroller and the Arduino platform to program the robot.

In 2023, we earned a Silver award at the National Robotics Challenge.

Source Code on GitHub

Myself and another former member of that team are continuing developing small autonomous robots, with the aim of competing in the APEC 2025 Micromouse contest.

Background from Hero Patterns; CC BY 4.0