Micromouse Robotics

I was the software team lead on Case Western's Micromouse robotics team for four years.

Micromouse is a robotics competition where teams compete to create and program a small (mouse-sized) robot to solve a maze. The robot functions completely autonomously (without any remote-control) and has to navigate to the center of the maze with no prior information.

As software lead, I implemented a tweaked version of the A* search algorithm to navigate the maze, and closed loop sensor control in order to avoid crashing into walls.

A picture of a small robot with two wheels and exposed wires

We used the Teensy 3.1 as an embedded microcontroller and the Arduino platform to program the robot.

In 2023, we earned a Silver award at the National Robotics Challenge.

Source Code on GitHub

Background from Hero Patterns; CC BY 4.0