The Linoleum Club

The Linoleum Club is a Discord server for people to talk about computers, programming, technology, and similar topics. If you're interested in joining a community around that type of conversation, there's a link to join the server at the bottom of the post.

"Welcome to The Linoleum Club" in Discord's font

However, in order to join the club and participate in the conversation every week, you have to solve a new programming-related puzzle. Once you have, a custom Discord bot will grant you a role giving you permission to speak in channels.

At the end of the week (0:00 Sunday, UTC), everyone's role will be cleared, and all users will be locked out. A new puzzle will be posted, and everyone will have a chance to solve it.

This is meant to be a fun filter that ensures that the people participating in the conversation have some shared investment. It intentionally discourages drive-by commenters.

So far, I've been writing most of the puzzles (which means none of them are too difficult). But I have a mechanism for server members to submit puzzles as well.

Join the server and see if you can solve this week's puzzle:

Background from Hero Patterns; CC BY 4.0